Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A Roman Catholic Parish of the Diocese of Pittsburgh


Church Alive on The Hill, at Our Lady and In The City Strip

St. Patrick-St. Stanislaus

Our Lady of The Angels

CATHOLICS Collaborative Effort


In a letter dated March 24,2012, Bishop Zubik, asked the Pastors of Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady of the Angels and St. Patrick-St. Stanislaus to create a blueprint for the future of the Church in this area and to submit a unified action plan on how the Church should best be configured in this area to ensure its viablity




To create a viable, vibrant and sustainable community of faith in this CATHOLICS district that

1. Retains and builds membership

2. Maintains and strengthens the uniqueness of each parish

3. Models inter-parish collaboration in the sharing of staff, programs and ministries when feasible

4. Shares resources for the administrative functions of the three parishes

5.Establishes a system of monitoring the viability, vibrancy and sustainablility of this effort based on pre-determined benchmarks(in demographics, finances, ministerial programming, etc.)